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Secure payment Using WorldPay

Our secure payment

All orders are made using RBS WorldPay secure transactions.

What is WorldPay?

WorldPay is a payment gateway enables you to pay your purchase by your credit card securely over the internet.

How secure is WorldPay?

WorldPay, a subsidiary of Bank of Scotland, uses state of the art security tools and techniques, both proprietary and unique, to ensure that you are protected against what is nowadays a virtually non-existent risk. WorldPay also have inbuilt system redundancy and fault tolerance, to provide you with a virtually uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How do I know if my payment has gone through?

You will receive a WorldPay transaction confirmation email showing details of the purchase you have made, including a purchase Transaction ID. If you receive more than one email and you have only made one purchase, please contact us immediately, and inform us that you have placed multiple orders by mistake. We will be able to track your order and arrange a refund. If necessary, we will answer any other queries you have about your order.




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