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For further information please email us on info@faixarua.co.uk 


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Faixa Rua Limited is the UK distribution centre of Faixa Rua Kimonos and is based in London. Faixa Rua kimonos are designed by fighters for fighters.


Faixa rua limited (UK),

89 Richford Street,



United Kingdom,

W6 7HJ

Company Registration Number:06878589

Tel: 02087488855




Top sellers

  • Deluxe White Belt
  • Leve White
Deluxe Faixa Branca
Our highest quality white belt, don't settle...
Leve Navy
Lightweight kimono designed for competition...
Leve Black
Lightweight kimono designed for competition...
Deluxe Faixa Azul
Our highest quality blue belt, don't settle...
Ranked Rash Guards
Faixa Rua Fight or Die rash guard  

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