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BJJ Fightwear

BJJ Fightwear

BJJ Gi and fightwear

Faixa Rua are specialists in high quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kimonos and fightwear. Established in London in 2007, our brand is dedicated to the cutting edge of design and manufacturing processes, ensuring that your kimono will stand up to the rigours of hard training week in, week out, year after year.

 We don't compromise on materials or the manufacturing processes necessary to produce the highest quality equipment but you will not see an endless stream of new designs and cuts coming from Faixa Rua. Our philosophy is to produce hardwearing equipment that will stand the test of time with designs evolving gradually as new processes or regulations allow. Our excellent range of gis offer a variety of fits and styles so everyone can find the right Faixa Rua gi for them.

 Our customer service team, Lee (purple belt) and Sarah (brown belt) are both regular competitors on the UK and international scene, you can call or email anytime with your questions and they will be happy to help. We are proud of our products and our customer service team are there to help you choose the right gi or rashguard and to deal with any problems right away.

 Faixa Rua sponsor a host of talented fighters and our aim is to do our best to help them reach the highest level. We have a history of  supporting British talent with fighters such as Daniel Strauss (RGA) Stephen Martin (Gracie Barra) and Lee Renaut (Carlson Gracie) starting out with Faixa Rua sponsorship.

Faixa Rua. Designed by Black belts. Tested in competition. Made for fighters. Fight or die!



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